Yogaflow LLC

Schedule & Class Description


Private Yoga Therapy, Nutritional Holistic Health Coaching or Reiki Sessions by Appointment. Call Gail at  201-213-2347 for more information.

Yoga Suite
245 Main Street, Aberdeen, NJ

Wednesdays - 6pm Yoga Therapy - 60 minutes

Wednesdays - 7:15 Therapeutic Flow - 60 minutes
Yoga Plus Herbs
3996 County Rd 516
Matawan, NJ

Fridays - 5pm T.G.I.Y. (Thank Goodness its Yoga) 60 min

Class Descriptions

Yoga Therapy - This class includes carefully orchestrated movements allowing time to focus on breathing synchronizing gentle movements to the breath. In a yoga therapy class we work on various conditions such as back care, digestion, anxiety and depression. Our focus during the practice is of the integration of body, mind & spirit. All levels are welcome.

Therapeutic Flow  - In this class our focus will be on developing proper alignment in each posture.  This will allow students to go deeper into their practice safely, preventing injury while healing the body. This practice will include either restorative yoga, yin yoga or yoga nidra to end the practice of healing body, mind and soul. All levels are welcome.

T.G.I.Y. (Thank Goodness it's Yoga) - Wind down the end of your week with this soft vinyasa flow class. DE-stress your mind, DE-compress your spine, and unleash your wild heart! This practice is suitable for most levels and will help guide you back home to your inner bliss. 
There are no workshops scheduled at this time, please check back regularly for updates.

For more information regarding workshops please contact Gail at 201-213-2347 or

To register for workshops please call the Studio where the workshop will be held.
Contact Gail @ 201-213-2347 or for more information regarding classes and workshops.
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