Yogaflow LLC

Schedule & Class Description


Private Yoga Therapy, Nutritional Holistic Health Coaching or Reiki Sessions by Appointment. Call Gail at  201-213-2347 for more information.

Yoga Suite
245 Main Street, Aberdeen, NJ

Wednesdays - 6:30pm - Core Yoga 60 minutes

Matawan Adult Day Care )MADC)
3996 County Rd 516
Matawan, NJ

Tuesdays - 10am- Chair Yoga 45 minutes

Class Descriptions

Core Yoga -Works on developing core strength of the abdomen and spinal muscles that help support our frame and life. The practice includes a soft Hatha Vinyasa Flow with a mixture of Pilates core training.

Chair Yoga - This class is for older seniors who are less active. The practice is done sitting on a chair with gentle stretches to increase mobility of the joints and flexibility to the body. Some poses are done standing with the support of the chair.

Check back as more classes are to be added this spring.

Yoga Suite
Friday March 29, 2019 Kirtan with OM Coming 7:30pm - 9pm. FEE: Donation

Yoga Plus Herbs 3669 County Rd 516, Matawan
Sunday March 31st 11 - 1:30pm
Yoga Therapy; Yoga & Nutrition for the Digestive System

Yoga Suite
Saturday April 6th, 1-3:30pm
Balancing Your Chakras

For more information regarding workshops please contact Gail at 201-213-2347 or

To register for workshops please call the Studio where the workshop will be held.
Contact Gail @ 201-213-2347 or for more information regarding classes and workshops.
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