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  • I learned so much more than I thought I was going to learn. The beautiful heart of yoga…its philosophy. I was unaware of the spirituality, or the depth of spirituality that yoga possesses. My love, and compassion to share & teach the art of yoga has definitely been intensified.


  • Thank you so much for everything. I’ve learned and grew so much over the past 6 months. I wouldn’t change a thing. I think the program is wonderful! I am looking forward to the 500 hour certification program.


  • I feel extremely well prepared to teach yoga from the physical as well as the spiritual aspects. Gail is a warm, compassionate, knowledgeable teacher. She presented the subject in a coherent, well thought out manner; she competently addressed all questions with patience. Asana were covered in detail both, theoretically and physically. I know as a teacher that I love to hear praise; however, I find the comments on ways to improve more useful. Today, however, I can’t think of any way to improve this class. I promise that if I do think of anything I will let you know.


  • I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience in this course. Gail is extremely knowledgeable and covers a vast, diverse amount of material thoroughly and is skilled at presenting it in a way that makes sense to people who may be new to yoga philosophy. I am especially impressed with her ability to “teach how to teach.” There is a difference between learning about various poses and actually learning how to impart that knowledge to someone else.


  • This was a wonderful, well-rounded, in-depth program. I would highly recommend this program to any yogi who wants to begin to teach or who wants to simply deepen his/her personal practice. Gail’s love off yoga and love of teaching shines through during every moment of this training.


  • I enjoyed this program very much. I felt it covered extensively the material in the book. Classes were enjoyable & challenging. Overall it will always be remembered as one of the things, I’m so proud of. Gail with her wonderful dedication as a teacher, I could not have had anyone like her. It was a true joy to be in this course. I will always be thankful to her for all her patience and kindness, and always her big heart, which has no limits.


  • Gail teaches from the heart & brings students to a deeper level of teaching & learning. She incorporates all aspects of yoga – Body, Mind & Spirit into her training and ensures her students fully understand the true meaning of yoga.


  • Gail is one in a million! Her knowledge, experience and nurturing make this program a truly unique experience for mind, body & spirit!


  • Gail is truly informative not only on the physical aspects of Hatha Yoga – but has a great understanding of the philosophy of yoga and the journey of finding a personal practice.