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Yoga of self-Healing

Certified Yoga of Recovery (YoR) Counselor

Yoga of self-Healing Program

Yoga of self-Healing is a program designed to develop healthy relationships. Most spiritual practices talk about the Self or spirit as perfection. Our limited self, or ego sense is distracted, seeking to find happiness and peace from various conditions that can lead to depression anxiety and unhealthy behaviors. From low self-esteem or seeking love through codependency or unhealthy relationships, substance abuse, eating disorders or any disruption to the flow of life that lead to destructive behaviors.

In this program we begin with two important aspects for healing and Self-Discovery:

1.    Relationship: Life is relationship and in order to survive we need to relate to our environment and beings on this planet. To thrive we need to relate to our environment and beings on this planet coming from a place of inner security with ourselves and equanimity of mind. By turning over our self-will and create a healthy relationship with our Self or Higher Power is our first step to restoration and healing.

How can yoga help us to live a healthy life in healthy relationships? Yoga helps us to differentiate the real from the unreal thoughts we have about ourselves while guiding us to discover our own inner power. When we journey through this space we’ll feel a sense of integration and a part of the whole rather than divided and separated from it. With the help of yoga practices and the 12 steps of codependency together will give us the tools and system to incorporate into our daily life.

2.    Love vs. Fear: Love is the absence of fear. By love that doesn’t me that we need to be in love with anyone from the outside for true love begins within. Like the old saying goes “you can’t love anyone till you love yourself.” When this love is missing fear jumps in and replaces that space of growth and unity with anxiety, depression and stagnation or fear of change.

When we embody the many teachings and tools of yoga we become stronger. Not only physically but mentally and emotionally.  This program consists of working with the Chakra system or energy centers which hold emotional as well as physical anomalies; the three Gunas or qualities of nature; passion, dullness and goodness. And embracing the 8 fold path of yoga, a system that was developed over 2,000 years ago holding principals just as relevant or more in today’s world and society.
So let’s begin reclaiming our life, our personal power by exploring how Yoga of self-Healing will transform our limited ego sense to the power within. Let’s discover healthy relationships are available in every aspect of our lives beginning with self-discovery and learning to love the self.

The Yoga of self-Healing Program offers opportunities to learn, and grown including:

•    Weekly group therapy classes to boost self-esteem with mindful movement, breathing techniques for calming the mind and a healthier body, deep guided relaxation, meditation and working with weekly specific themes related to the program.
•    Workshops
•    Weekend Retreats

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Please contact Gail Maheshwari for more information.
Yoga of Recovery (YoR) Training at Yogaville, VA 2015